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Stratospheric Balloon Launch

Tuesday 26 January - Mt Barker, Adelaide region.


The balloon has touched down at around 12:26pm (after a 9:32am liftoff). It reached a maximum altitude of 36.4km!
Our chase teams were parked nearby, and retrieved the intact payload shortly thereafter. The footage is on its way back to us, and should be uploaded later this evening.
You can view the track of the balloon.

The recording of the launch webcast can be found here:

We will make resources available to media throughout the day on this page.

Please refresh this page regularly.

Our live webcast will start approximately 8:30am, with launch scheduled between 9:30 and 9:45am.
The webcast can be viewed here:

The webcast will include live footage of launch preparations and the balloon launch. These will be streamed at best-resolution to Youtube , and these files can be accessed on-demand following the webcast. We anticipate broadcasting at 1080p, but if unable to will upload higher-resolution footage later that day.

The balloon flight is expected to be 2-4 hours long, and we have chase teams seeking to recover the payload as soon as possible.

We will upload high-resolution imagery as soon as they become available, and link to them from this page.